About Us



New Kreeation was established in 2021 previously known as the kreeation and Kreeations by Kree which started in my college dorm in 2017 creating hand-painted fashions to draw the eyes of my favorite music artist and to have bold fashions to wear in NYC. As an artist, I feel that painting is not only powerful on canvas but speaks in what we wear. From clothing to accessories, I believe what we wear identifies with who we are. New Kreeation serves the purpose of creative freedom expressed with the use of life experiences, healing, self-love, and motivation.


Vision : 

For every customer to have a one of a kind wearable art piece to love that represents their best self . To serve Original artwork that invokes positive visualization in any desired space . 

Our Mission : 

To provide original and wearable artwork that is sustainable supporting living artists and giving back to the community through art. 



Meet the Founder / CEO : 


 Sakreea Mo'nay Jackson





Sa-Kreea was born and raised in Newark, Delaware, and attended Delaware College of Art and Design receiving an Associate's in Illustration in 2016 and a Bachelor's in Fashion Merchandising at LIM College in 2019. 

Learn more about the art and her journey here :