Artist Q&A From Sa-Kreea  (Sa-Kreea the CEO of NewKreeation )

Artist Q&A From Sa-Kreea (Sa-Kreea the CEO of NewKreeation )

Educational Background :
My associates in is Illustration from Delaware College and Art and Design . My bachelors is in Fashion Merchandising from LIM College .

How long have you been painting ? How did you get into painting ?
I have been painting for 5 years now . I would say painting has always been in my life every year in school since kindergarten I’ve started with painting .But Ive really worked on my craft consistently for the past 5 years . 
Do you explore any other art mediums ? If so, which ones?
Yes I do explore different art mediums and forms . I really love photography as well as filming . I’ve also know how to play the drums and have done some acting in the past . I would love to go back to them sometime in the future .

How has life shaped the person you are and the art you produce?
I feel that everything surrounding me has shaped me to be the person I am today .
I love that im learning to take the good and the bad experiences to create concepts for my work and my journey in the art world . Family ,friends , relationships , culture really inspire my work and how a piece can end up from start to finish . I think also with my new found relationship with Christ I has created a new perspective in my artwork that I want to use my gifts to give him the glory and be a way to showcase the good news . 

What are some challenges do you face as a black creative ?

I would say some challenges I face as a black creative is the lack of having a platform .

I feel that it can be tough for a black artist to find their voice in a predominately white industry .

Also in art school I didnt get to learn alot about all of the black artist from the past I had  to do more research and find out about them for myself really sucks because there are so many black artist that should be able to get more respect as much as Picasso . I can say sometimes money is a factor but I understand that money comes and goes . I quit my job at Urban Outfitters back in September 2017 to really pursue my business and that’s a big risk for many . But I believe  in myself so much now and my faith is increasing everyday as I strive to grow my business . 

Where do you see yourself in the future with your art ?

I  see my work seen all over the world . I think my art will set a name for itself and be well established someday . One of my biggest dreams is to have a art studio or my own and gallery and travel .  I also would love open up a shelter and have my work in there to uplift and welcome others . To me my work has change instead of striving for fame I would rather focus more on giving back to community . 





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